Nos bureaux ont déménagé au 109-115, Avenue de Luxembourg (Résidence Am Duerf), L-4940 Bascharage

Internal control

Through the implementation of an effective and efficient internal control system, you ensure the control of many organisational aspects and reduce the risk of dysfunctions.

Anticipate the controls carried out by the internal auditor in order to meet deadlines and set up a continuous improvement system.

ARCAD implements permanent internal control within your organisation and enables you to benefit from numerous advantages.

Compliance with the regulator's expectations

Anticipation and deadline meeting

Focalisation sur les aspects « métiers »

One-click reporting and simplified communication

Time saving & efficiency

Our services are based on the use of the VIGIL application developed and hosted in Luxembourg.

Our all-in-one application allows you to :

A broad range of services

Our solutions are numerous and tailored to your needs:

The choice of one approach over another depends on the level of support desired and your resources.

Our strengths

An approach tailored to your needs
Utilisation of an all-in-one application unique on the market
An accessible and reactive team
Experts who have a solid experience in risk management