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RC Report of RAIFs

The AED has launched a campaign to invite the RC of all RAIFs to communicate their 31/12/2023 summary report before 31/05/2024. The AED has also specified, on its website, the minimal content of this report.

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CSSF Circular 24/854

CSSF Circular 24/854 provides guidelines for the collective investment sector on the AML/CFT Summary Report of the RC (“SRRC”). It introduces a template of SRRC that must be used by the RC.

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Circulaire CSSF 24/850

Circulaire applicable aux PSF de support. Nouvelles règles pratiques relatives au rapport descriptif et introduction d’un questionnaire d’auto-évaluation.

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CSSF Circular 24/847

The CSSF Circular 24/847 establishes a new ICT-related incident reporting system with the goal of obtaining a more comprehensive and organized understanding of the characteristics, occurrence rate, importance, and consequences of ICT-related incidents.

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