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A pragmatic and independent view

Our experience and our knowledge of the Luxembourg legal and regulatory framework ensure a high added value audit.

A broad range of internal audit services

Discover our internal audit software including a database dedicated to the Luxembourg market

Permanent Internal Audit & Audit 2.0.

Our continuous auditing allows you to anticipate deadlines and comply with the regulator's expectations.

What do we offer

Our Internal Audit services

ARCAD offers a broad range of services, from assistance to the complete outsourcing of the internal audit function.

The choice of one audit approach over another depends on the risks faced by the company, the audit objectives and the resources available to the organisation. Our internal audit approach takes into account these different elements in order to be adjusted to the needs of each client.

We take over the Internal Audit function.

We assess your needs, your risks and the specificities of your business to offer you a tailor-made approach.

The recourse to an external expert provides many advantages, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of expertise regarding local legal and regulatory requirements.

ARCAD simplifies the sharing of information with its clients through the use of a specific GRC application internally developed.

Our internally developed application allows you to :

  • Secure information sharing
  • Send questionnaires related to internal audit topics
  • Send document requests
  • Assign requests to different staff members
  • Upload supporting document
  • Keep an audit trail
  • Download progress reports in one click

We support your internal audit function.

ARCAD offers services tailored to your needs:

  • Preparation of the triennial and annual audit plan
  • Preparation of the audit charter
  • Preparation of audit programmes tailored to the specific risks of the organisation
  • Setting up the permanent audit
  • Audit of specific areas:
    • IT
    • HR
    • Teleworking
    • Subcontracting
    • AML/CTF
    • Businesses
The recourse to an external expert provides many advantages, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of expertise regarding local legal and regulatory requirements.

We provide internal audit software dedicated to the Luxembourg market and assist in its implementation.

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  • Efficient & transparent management of internal audit assignments
  • Formalisation of the internal audit plans & charter
  • Mission definition through a knowledge base designed for the Luxembourg market
  • Organisation and centralisation of the internal auditor's assignments
  • Implementing and managing permanent audit in your organisation
  • Sending questionnaires & document requests to various stakeholders
  • Audit trail backup
  • Formalisation of the validation of recommendations by the audit manager and the approval of audit reports by the authorised management
  • Real-time monitoring of audit recommendations
  • Formalisation of personalised reports


Permanent Internal Audit

As a third line of defence, internal audit should regularly and independently assess the adequacy of internal control.
The permanent nature of theinternal audit function is key. Internal audits must be carried out on a regular basis and during the year under review, even if an external expert is appointed.
ARCAD implements permanent internal audit within your organisation and enables you to benefit from numerous advantages.

Compliance with the regulator's expectations

Anticipation and deadline meeting

Regular follow-up of audit recommendations

Permanent sharing of information

Time saving & efficiency

Our services are supported by the use of the VIGIL application developed and hosted in Luxembourg. This application enables us to secure and facilitate the permanent sharing of information between ARCAD and its clients.

Our intuitive and secure communication platform allows to :

Our strengths

An approach tailored to your needs
Use of a unique application that facilitates the sharing of information and the progress of the mission
An accessible and reactive team
Knowledge of local legal and regulatory requirements