The CSSF Circular 24/854 introduces an eDesk template of Summary Report of the RC (SRRC) that must be used for the financial years ending on or after December 31, 2023.

The updated SRRC template incorporates current market practices and highlights essential data points critical for the CSSF’s oversight in combating money laundering and terrorism financing.


CSSF Circular 24/854 applies to :

  • Luxembourg Investment Fund Managers (“IFMs”);
  • Luxembourg Investment Funds supervised by the CSSF for AML/CFT purposes.

This CSSF Circular is not applicable to Luxembourg Investment Funds which designated a Luxembourg management company submitting the SRRC.

In practice

1. How to submit the SRRC ?

The SRRC is required to be submitted solely through eDesk by the entity under supervision. The CSSF will not accept submissions in any form other than through eDesk.

2. Who shall submit the SRRC ?
The SRRC shall be submitted by the “Responsable du Respect” (RR).
The RR can delegate the technical submission of the SRRC to another person but he remains responsible.

3. When shall the SRRC be submitted ?

On an annual basis, within 5 months after the closing of the annual accounts of the supervised entity.
For the closing ending on 31 December 2023, an extension of two extra months is granted.

Useful Resources

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The AED has launched a campaign to invite the RC of all RAIFs to communicate their 31/12/2023 summary report before 31/05/2024. The AED has also specified, on its website, the minimal content of this report.

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